Targeted strategies and diversified investment approach


Health, a primary asset to be protected

For us, Personal Health and Wellness are fundamental rights to be promoted and protected, setting them as primary objectives of our activities. This is why we are committed to achieving new daily goals in terms of quality, accessibility of services and technological innovation. We are proud to count among the most important Italian and international companies in the panorama of integrative healthcare, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, digital healthcare and telemedicine, health big data, wellness cosmetics and all-round services to patients. Improving the world of health, understood as promotion, accessibility and empowerment, is not only our goal, but also a real mission that we carry out with passion.


Three fundamental values: excellence, loyalty and concreteness

In recent years, Italian real estate has continued to attract growing interest from both domestic and international investors. Health Biosciences's objective is to operate in this field with professionalism, transparency and healthy enterprise. We intend to further consolidate our presence on the market to make our holding company a leader in the sector, in order to guarantee our customers high standards of quality and investment security. An effective Real Estate activity expands the range of private real estate market assets that produce returns that the company can offer clients.


Facilitations to create, protect, manage and grow

Health Biosciences, through its activities, approaches the Italian and foreign markets with an important network of highly specialised intermediaries to guarantee a service of the highest quality and transparency to its customers. We believe that only through the continuous demonstration of ability and passion can we become a reliable point of reference for our partners. Inspiring early trust is important, but we believe that it is even more important to build strong and lasting relationships with our users by always providing them with the utmost transparency and consistency.
Health Biosciences, through its subsidiaries, responds to the emerging needs of social security and financial planning through paths that can offer advantages in terms of both protection but also tax planning, a fundamental asset in modern companies where Welfare is increasingly crossing the threshold of companies of all sizes.


Strong foundations for projects that look far ahead

Upon starting their activities, any start-up encounters the common difficulties of having to express itself in increasingly competitive markets. However, this should not be a discouraging fact, but rather a starting point for careful reflection and an invitation to work hard to build a company with a solid foundation. Health Biosciences is able to support the initial efforts of an innovative company, accompanying it on its path to growth, providing it with the technical support of specialists in the various fields, useful for making any business flourish and thrive. We work exclusively with companies of proven quality and innovation, to make a concrete contribution to the Italian and international economy.


Generative nutrition for wellness

Food ethics is an essential key to understanding and addressing the health challenges and issues of today and tomorrow. We at Health Biosciences believe that a correct knowledge and awareness of nutrition must be shared with as many people as possible, in a clear and simple way for everyone. Safeguarding regional diversity, transparency in the food supply chain and a culture of well-being are fundamental aspects that distinguish our work. The impact of the Agrofood industry does not only affect consumers' nutritional choices, but it also helps to analyse its effects on the environment and the living conditions of workers in the sector.
Our challenge is to offer an alimentary education that will improve the performance of the consolidated habits of the person, in some cases creating new ones, introducing reflections on dietary supplements able to re-evaluate the genetic heritage, or even to enhance simple gestures such as taking coffee.

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Holding & Investiment Company

Health Biosciences is a financial holding company specialising in investments, with an active management approach to its subsidiaries and with the objective of creating value over the medium and long term.

Health Biosciences operates through a series of sub-holdings belonging to specific sectors, contributing not only capital but also know-how. Preferring medium-large companies, however, we also invest in projects in which we believe to accompany them on their path to growth.