22 July 2020

Health Biosciences S.p.A. acquires 17.22% of Health Pharma S.p.A. and starts the merger process aimed at creating a new company focused on the nutraceutical and cosmeceutical market

22 June 2020

Re Health S.p.A. changes its corporate name to Health Biosciences S.p.A., consolidates 100% of Be Health S.p.A. and approves the 2019 financial statements

28 May 2020

The extraordinary and ordinary meeting of RE Health S.p.A. has been called

28 May 2020

Notice of call of the ordinary and extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting of Re Health S.p.A.

26 May 2020

RE HEALTH ITALIA S.P.A .: the process of organization and optimization of the corporate structure continues.

23 December 2019

New Board of Statutory Auditors of Re Health S.p.A.

6 December 2019

Notice of convocation of the Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting of Re Health S.p.A.

4 December 2019

New Chairman of the Board of Directors of Re Health has been appointed and the project for the merger by incorporation of the subsidiary Basis Costruzioni has been approved

15 November 2019

Extraordinary and Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting of the Company Re Health S.p.A.

15 November 2019

Notice calling the Ordinary and Extraordinary Meeting of the Company Re Health S.p.A.

16 September 2019

Re Health S.p.A. group reorganization process continues

3 September 2019

Effectiveness of the change in the company name to RE Health S.p.A.


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